Things Every Dad Should Tell His Children

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Family
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My children are both teenagers.  Each day I am becoming more keenly aware that I have fewer and fewer opportunities to influence their maturity.

Recently, I asked myself:  “What do I want my children to always remember?”  I began to list messages I want to always convey, in word and deed, to each of my children.

1.  I will always love you, unconditionally.

2.  I am proud of you.

3.  Even when it does not seem like it to you, I am on your side.

4.  God made you special.  It’s you job to show the world how special.

5.  The rules and boundaries for this family are here for your benefit and protection.  Don’t cross them.

6.  You will become the product of the experiences you have, the people you meet, the books you read and the choices you make.

7.  Every decision you face is a choice between rewards or consequences, blessings or curses.  Choose wisely.

8.  I want you to grow in your independence, although I will always be ready to help you.

9.  I pray for you every day, because I desire God’s absolute best for you.

10.  I may not know who he/she is yet, but I am praying for your future spouse every day.

I am sure I will want to add to this list as additional things come to my attention.

What suggestions do you have?  What message do you most want your children to remember?

  1. Lukraakvars says:

    I don’t have children but if my dad told me some of those things it may have had a big impact. Not that he didn’t say or teach me good sound things. It’s a good list… I would add “always do what you will be proud of later and that will bring glory to God.” and “Make a way, if there is no way, make a way. Anything is possible with God”


  2. Ryan says:

    These words made me smile. Thanks.


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