Rustling In The Nest

Posted: March 1, 2014 in Christian, Family
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Wow! At times it just doesn’t seem possible.

It seems like only yesterday Momma Bird and I were preparing our nest for the little ones, God blessed us with.  Children grow up.  Lately, I have really come to realize children grow up REALLY fast.

Momma Bird and I have watched and cheered as our little birds have become more and more independent.  Now, things are beginning to seem so different.  There’s a rustling in the nest.

Our daughter will graduate high school in a couple months and our son the year after that.  When we look back over the span of their life, it all seems so surreal.  These are the babies we prayed for God to give us.  These are the babies we fell totally and completely in love with before either was ever born.  These are the feet that made us laugh for joy when they took their first steps.  The ones that made us clap as they learned to run, cheer when they learned to ride a bicycle and hold our breath a little as each drove off in the car the first time.

At every milestone of their young lives, Momma Bird and I have been their biggest cheerleaders.  This time will be no different.  Yet, for some reason it is very different.

There is a rustling in the nest.  Our baby birds are beginning to see there is a great big exciting world outside the nest.  They are beginning to test their wings and soon will fly to discoveries of their own.

Each of our baby birds is becoming more and more independent.  Each is moving and walking more in the calling for which God has designed them.  Each is taking on responsibilities and adventures outside the nest.  Each is fulfilling dreams and touching lives that Momma Bird and I never imagined.

Momma Bird and I always knew God has loaned His baby birds to us for a season.  Now, we seem to be nearing the closing of that season.  Seasons change and our nest must change with the seasons.  Yet, this change has a different feel to it.  This change has our baby birds spreading their wings and feeling the air around them.  This change has them seeking God’s will for their own lives.  And, Momma Bird and I praying God’s will for them.

Letting go is not always easy.  Holding on is no longer an option.  Our wings will always open wide for our baby birds.  But, there is still a rustling in the nest.

Momma Bird and I will shed a tear as each of our baby birds leave the nest and test the wings.  We will watch with pride as they soar.  Our baby birds are becoming everything we ever prayed they would be and much much more.  God has big plans for our baby birds.  His plans are so much greater than we can ever imagine.

It’s the rustling in the nest that makes us simultaneously uncomfortable yet content, apprehensive yet excited, sad yet cheerful, tearful yet joyful.

Yes, I’m beginning to feel a rustling in the nest.  And this Daddy Bird is not sure he really likes it.


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