Naughty or Nice

Posted: December 20, 2014 in Christian
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Christmas is a few days away.  All around there is talk of a little guy making a list and checking it twice… the “Nice List” or the “Naughty List.”  Which list are you on?

All of us like to believe we are on the nice list, don’t we?  But, if we are really honest, we have to admit, we’re not always so nice.

Do you know someone who you are absolutely positive if there really is a naughty list, this person is one it?  We all do. But, do those “naughty” people receive Christmas presents?

Ever wonder why the naughty kids received presents too?

The legend of Santa Claus is based on a man, who lived a long time ago, named Nicholas.  We know him as St. Nicholas, because saint means someone who belongs to God.

In St. Nicholas’ town there were many poor children. They didn’t have enough food, clothes, or toys. St. Nicholas used his money to buy things for the children, they could not buy for themselves. He didn’t want them to be embarrassed by his gifts, so he gave secretly.

St. Nicholas also told everyone about Jesus and how much God loved them. Many people became Christians because of what St. Nicholas said and did.

St. Nicholas loved Jesus and he loved children. So, when it came to the naughty or nice lists, Nicholas chose to look at the lists the way God looks at these lists.

When God looks at the nice list, He sees People Who Need to Know Jesus.  When God looks at the naughty list, He sees People Who Need to Know Jesus.

Because of how much St. Nicholas loved Jesus, and because of the many gifts he gave the children of his town, we still remember St. Nicholas at Christmas time. All of the gifts he gave, and all of the Christmas presents we give, are to remind us of the very best gift anyone ever gave: when God the Father gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, to us for our salvation.

We all know a lot about Christmas. But, many stop short of knowing the reason for Christmas.

The reason for Christmas is we needed something we could not give ourselves. The Bible says “All have sinned.” (Romans 3:23) Because of sin, we are all on a naughty list we cannot remove ourselves from.

The reason for Christmas is God provided a way for us to be removed from the naughty list. Because, while we were still sinners, God gave His Son to redeem our overwhelming sin debt. (John 3:16, Romans 5:8) We celebrate God giving His Son, by celebrating the birth of Jesus during the Christmas Season. But, if at Christmas we only remember Jesus as the Babe in the manger, we miss the whole Reason for the Season.

The reason for Christmas is the giving and receiving of gifts. My name might be on the biggest gift, with the prettiest wrapping and bows, under the tree. But, if I never accept and open that gift it will never do me any good. God has offered us the best gift we could ever receive, complete forgiveness of our sin. It is up to us to receive it. We can receive the Greatest Gift, the real Reason for the Season. (Romans 10:9)

May the Reason for the Season, the infinite gift of Christmas, be yours this year.

Merry Christmas!!!


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