Does Hell Know Our Name?

Posted: March 23, 2015 in Christian
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I often read about the early church described in Acts. How God’s power and Holy Spirit seemed to be real and present in every believer.

That often leads me to wonder, “Why do we not see the church demonstrating God’s power in the same ways today?” What has happened between the day of Pentecost and today? When did the church move from being an influence in the world to looking like the world?

In Matthew 16, Jesus promises us: “Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”

Gates are defensive weapons. The only way that gates can prevail against us is if we (the church) continue to sit in the pews and do nothing to reach a lost world.

We have moved from following the Divine process for Christ’s church (Acts 2:41-47) to seeking the next big program. Too many churches maintain shallow pulpits, with shallow sermons, filling shallow minds and creating shallow believers. We do all this in the name of progress while doing very little to change lives for Jesus Christ.

At times I feel we have gone too far to try to entice the world. Many of our churches have begun to look like the world trying to find Christ, rather than looking like Christ seeking the world. God forbid that we should become so seeker friendly that we forsake the One we should be seeking.

Before we give into thinking this is a new phenomenon, let’s take another look at a few “believers” in Acts. In the 19th chapter of Acts, we find seven sons of Sceva and a shallow preacher, they followed, who thought they could do the work of Christ without the power of Christ. They set out to confront evil “by Jesus whom Paul preaches” (Acts 19:13).

These men knew about Jesus, but did not know Jesus. As such, when they confronted the ambassador from Hell, he did not know them. He responded “Jesus I know and Paul I know, but who are you?” (Acts 19:15) He then proceeded to assault them and beat them until all eight ran away bruised, battered and naked.

The seven sons of Sceva found that a shallow preacher and a shallow understanding of God’s Word can lead to deep trouble. Perhaps if they had endured the sound preaching of Paul, instead they would have known the truth. Christianity is a relationship, not a religion.

I thank God for pastors that take deep dives into the Word of God and lead their churches to a deeper understanding and relationship with Jesus Christ. Pastors, that encourage their flock to study and know God’s Word, produce a church after God’s heart. The church that dives deeper comes out stronger and better armed for the battles.  A church like that produces strong Christians. A church like that rattles the gates of Hell.

Believers that rattle Hell’s gates, Hell knows… by name.

Ironic, isn’t it? Hell recognizes true Christians and knows them by name.

Which brings me back to the question… Does Hell know your name?


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